Education Advisory Services

Educase is a professional provider for education advisory services, and works hand in hand with students, families, and schools to facilitate academic achievement.  Educase recognizes that each student is a unique individual and takes a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of their character, abilities, challenges and aspirations. Students work with an experienced and dedicated advisor who develops, monitors and supports a bespoke academic plan created just for them.

Let Educase partner with you on your academic journey to excellence.

High School Guardianship

The High School years can be a complicated and confusing path to tread, the success of which can steer the course of a child’s life forever. Students each face their own individual challenges but they do not need to face and overcome them alone.

Educase Application Services

Applying for Higher Education is an exciting time in a student’s life, but can often seem confusing and overwhelming for all involved, leading to many choosing, or being sent on the wrong courses or to Institutions that are not suitable to their potential talents.

Continuing Support Services

Moving onto higher education is often one of the most stressful periods of a young person’s life and for many students, living in a new country, away from family and friends and all that is familiar can be especially daunting.

Boarding School Services

A Boarding school education can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience for students. However, for a parent, the decision or need to educate their child away from them can be very difficult and traumatic.

College Transfer Assistance

The transfer application process is often not a simple one, along with similar procedures to the undergraduate application process; including making the right choices, preparing a personal statement,